Jaiz ReviewJaiz says he has hip hop in his heart. With that in mind, we start off with “My Victory” featuring Anna. She should be recognized for her great attribution to the song first and foremost. Now onto what he had to bring. He comes through with a good level of energy and both complement one another. It’s like when B.o.B and Hayley Williams teamed up some years ago. In “Angel” he’s flying solo and you can hear the passion in every line. Usually songs like this come through with ease, but this one is like a shark attack and fierce. An interesting move on his part. We jump to a completely different boat as we head into “Say No to Drugs.” This sounds like a completely different artist as he is more like a LMFAO without the dance beat in terms of overall packaging. As soon as you think you’ve got this rapper figured out, we get into “Rise” and are welcomed by a vocal performance. All in all, if Jaiz could only travel one route with little stops here and there, he’d be great somewhere between “My Victory” and “Angel.” Those two were great examples of what this emcee can do, so check those out today and hear for yourself. (https://jaizmusic.com/)

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