Mumbz ReviewAtlanta has a lot of talent running through it and Mumbz is making sure it stays that way. He’s proving “Anythings Possible” with his track that professes it. You can hear that southern influence on the delivery as as well the beat. In “Knock Knock” he comes across softer than the last track, while “Hate Me” plays on some fears. It has this eerie feel to it. Almost horror movie like. We hear him step away from that in “Da Bang Bang Boogie.” This one definitely takes us away from “Friday the 13th” and takes us right into a club for a great time. While his vocals still have that grit, the beat really lightens the whole overall feel up. There is always a back and forth between the light and dark side of Mumbz, but overall he’s doing his thing and representing well. If you like your hip hop with some grit, check out Mumbz today. (

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