Joe Cash Mahall: 2 Sides 2 Everything

Joe Cash Mahall ReviewJoe Cash Mahall’s latest mixtape “2 Sides 2 Everything” jammed packed with tracks so let’s get right to it. Sean Kyd hops on and helps out with the intro, “Long Time” and here we get a feel for what’s to come on the rest of this mix. “Moving” starts out subtle but then gets into the action as does “Heaven Knows,” only with a funkier beat. “The Message” takes us to the street and then we are taken aback by the cascade of talented friends Joe Cash Mahall has from Cory Jones to Tory Lanez. This is a mixtape for hip hop fans who are into acts like Big Sean because Joe brings it hard, but still can be fresh for the mainstream folks. Check out “2 Sides 2 Everything,” out now. (

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