J2E Makes Nice Guys Finish First

J2E has been laying down beats and rhymes for almost a decade and it’s about time you all take notice. “Lay You Down” gives you a intimate look inside the mind of J2E. It’s a little explicit, but has its moments of romance. “Go” is about going places no one else have ever gone adn that’s a big statement to make for any artist. If he has that much belief in him, that makes listeners want to back him as well. Whitney Peyton accompanies J2E on “Like a Monster.” Usually when rappers bring on another voice that happens to be female, they sing some R&B hook. That’s not the case here. Whitney brings her a-game to the table and raps up a storm on this one. “Why Should I?” kind of has this comical feel to the beat, but the rhymes keep things grounded. They might always finish last in the real world bit J2E proves the “Nice Guy” can come out on top with this one. If you’re looking for a hip hop artist who has the talent to make it, check out J2E. (https://www.reverbnation.com/j2erealrhymes)

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