2Kool The Boss Pays Respect

2Kool The Boss Pays Respect2Kool The Boss is taking Arkansas by storm and soon the world will be under his spell too. “Now and Later” featuring Vickey Vay is a song that you might mistake for a clean cut song about a delicious candy treat. It’s not…Think about it. It’s a song for the freaks that populate the bedroom. Keep that in mind. “High Definition” is about a girl being in HD. It’s actually the first time I’ve heard this comparison, so it’s not going to be surprising when it catches on and becomes a common place pick-up line. The song is good enough to get that done. The production is amazing for an indie artist. “Mr. Obama” starts with a speech from the leader of the free world, followed by applause and then goes into a song that’s a hip hop homage to the president. It feels a little weird to follow up a song about Obama with one titled “Real Niggas Do Die,” but we couldn’t let this one go. It’s a real and honest outlook on life and is not to be ignored. The hook on it will grab you hard. If you’re on to hip hop that’s on point and doesn’t miss a beat, check out. (