Isaac Ransom Warrens Brings It Hard

Isaac Ransom Warrens Brings It HardIsaac Ransom Warrens is a Bay area rapper who never holds back. “Pour Your Drink” is a song meant for a party atmosphere thanks to its great hooks, lines and sinkers. Warrens proves that he’s here to stay with the very confident “Run The Game.” Then he gets a little futuristic in “Makes Me Go.” The music sounds like something The Terminator would listen to is he yearned for some hip hop once in awhile. “At My Finest” shouts out Lauryn Hill’s “la la las” and goes hard while retaining this really cool vibe. It may be Isaac Ransom Warrens’ finest. Although “But That Life” goes as hard and might be a contender for “best of” from this MC. If you’re into rappers who can bring it with a force, check out Isaac Ransom Warrens. (