J-Dawg The Black Prince

J-Dawg The Black PrinceIt’s a mystery to me where J-Dawg calls home, or where he’s even from but at least I know what his music’s like and where he plans on going with it. Things aren’t always perfect with J-Dawg and the only advice I could give it to speak up, the rhymes are great but we just need them to be louder. Be proud of what you have to say boy! That’s how I felt during “Radio” and “Thug Life.” Things were louder and a bit clearer once songs like “High School” and “No Hands” came around. Actually “No Hands” is the song I’d pick to be the leader of this pack. It was upbeat, fun and all around a track with no problems whatsoever. I liked the autobiographical tone of “My Life” but again, I think if every song could be like “No Hands” J-Dawg would come out on top every time. If you’re in the market some underground hip hop, then make sure to put J-Dawg in your basket and head to the checkout. (https://soundcloud.com/jonathan-johnson-43)

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