Introducing Mario “Jig” Williams

Mario “Jig” Williams has a couple of things to introduce listeners to. “Clean House” starts off with a burst of confidence. He doesn’t waste time getting to business and when he starts, he doesn’t stop. The delivery is laid back but not in a California chill way, but more like a kick back way. In “Laughing” we are introduced to the track with a sweet instrumental and then Jig comes through with a different tone. It’s a change of pace from the first and showcases two sides of this emcee. When the verses and the meat of the song kicks in, we hear an energy in him and it’s one I can’t help but like. While both songs are good – this one stands a little taller than the last. Be on the lookout for more from Mario “Jig” Williams and stay on top of what he’s got coming out next. (

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