An Interesting Take with Chef Deazy

Chef Deazy ReviewChef Deazy is quite the interesting man. “It Hurts” but it sounds so good. There’s this dirty south feel to this one as the hip hop has a lot of energy but at the same time, we hear some New Wave in the beat. It’s an interesting sound overall. In “Always” we hear that fusion once again. It’s like a throwback to when the genre started to form, but a look at what’s going on today with the electronic influence sound. As we dance on into “It’s All My Fault” we slow things down a bit. Here the mood comes through as laid back and a little sensual, despite the lyrical content. With “They So Weak” Chef Deazy delivers a song that comes through as if Lil Wayne and Earth, Wind and Fire had a musical baby and this was the result. With all that in mind, Chef Deazy has created music that really stands apart from what’s going on in today’s mainstream. If you’re a fan of electronica hip hop, check him out today! (

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