Hit the Streets with Cbradsto

Cbradsto ReviewCbradsto shows off two sides of his story. “FTC” or rather “fuck the club” is a low key gem. It has this feel like a 2 Chainz song and while it’s being anti – it’d be such a great track in the club. Oh the irony. We calm it down a bit for “Hit the Streets.” This one starts off very dramatic and keeps that up throughout. It’s got this almost creepy feel to it, but it’s intriguing for some reason. In “Sauce Twinz” we’re still on that same note, while we hear something more like “FTC” as we hit “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” While it’s not a cover of the ’80s hit, it’s a great song all on its own because of the light it switches on. If you’re a fan of artists that are able the light and dark side of their sound, check out Cbradsto now. (https://soundcloud.com/sweetjonesstan)

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