Go Out of Control with Tech Beatz

Out in Connecticut Tech Beatz is laying down beats and making things tight. “What’s Done is Done” isn’t an upbeat ditty that gets the party started, but it does get you thinking while you bob your head to the lax beat. We get a little more life out of “Take Flight,” but he’s still taking it easy in terms of energy. What I like about “Top Notch Hustle” is that it has an attitude to it that lets you know this emcee is confident in what he does. “Out of Control” steers us to the club just a bit but doesn’t let us out of the car, that is until “Authentic in Every Way” comes on. The music that surrounds the lyrics gives this track a new sense of life and makes it stand out from the rest we’ve heard. This is the direction we want to hear from this emcee. If you’re a fan of chill hip hop, check out Tech Beatz today. (https://soundcloud.com/tech-beatz)

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