Greedy Gang Shares the Tunes

Screenshot_2016-02-07-09-07-04-1Greedy Gang is a group compiled of a lot of talent, so let’s get to it! Kamp Kens’ “Kept it Solid” is a laid back track to start off with. It has this great flow that has a good bounce to it. They all come together for “What More Can I Say” and the bounce in the beat is still present and pure. They come at us again with “Gettin Off” and do it right. It’s one of those songs that you can put on and truly get lost in. With so much in their holsters, we’ll go out with their super cool, super chill “My Life.” This tale based in reality is a deeper look inside the men who make up this rap ensemble. If you’re a fan of hip hop families, check out this one now! (

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