Check Out Pooda Peso AKA Mr. GQ

Pooda Peso ReviewBorn in Jersey, Pooda Peso is looking to expand past the Garden State. “Mr. GQ” blasts out of the speakers and let’s us know right away what this emcee is all about. What is that exactly, well it’s in your face lines that come sharp and fast. That same sentiment continues on as we head into “What You Saying Tho.” This one though has more of a pop feel in that the beat flows like something you’d hear on the radio on a list alongside rappers like Big Sean. The drama that comes with “Incredible” sounds like a classic Hollywood film tossed into a modern day hip hop realm. It’s like taking “West Side Story” and making it anew. As we come to “Big Dreams” you find a sense of inspiration as making it in any realm is hard to do, and one can never forget to do what they have to do to make them a reality. Ending on a high note, Pooda Peso is a working on his dreams – so come along for the ride and stay tuned for more from him. (

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