Illa Makes the Grade

Illa Makes the GradeIlla, AKA Daniel Smith is an aspiring MC from Fort Walton Beach, Florida. He has an immense collection of songs on his SoundCloud and sometimes you can get lost when taking them all on at once since some can be dismissed due to being too short to really hold attentions long. Here are some worth mentioning though. “My World Homage” was where I started to notice the artist Illa was trying to be; where he was going with what he was doing. I felt the same way with “Come With It” and “How Far is Heaven.” Other than those few, I felt the songs needed a bit more structure in them. Like these were the rough drafts and some edits had to still be made before they got turned in for the final grade. Right now he’s passing, but he needs to try and go for that A+. (

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