Chris-N-Pete Are a Wish Come True

Chris-N-Pete Are a Wish Come TrueWhen you’re approached with one song you sit and think, what am I supposed to say about it? That’s how I felt before I pushed play on Chris-N-Pete’s “I Wish.” That is not how I felt when those three and a half minutes were up. It started out stronger than a lot of songs I’ve heard on the radio recently. I was instantly into the hook, the verses were on point, the bridges were sturdy and it was all around a very well constructed track. “I Wish” starts out like many hip hop tracks in that Chris and Pete introduce their selves. From there it went into a song about a girl, but didn’t demean the girl. Instead the song celebrated an attraction and that was why I wanted to celebrate this song. Those looking for a well made product by a couple of classy MCs – look no further. Chris-N-Pete from New Orleans are about to be everywhere. (