Getting It In with Yung Chief

Yung Chief ReviewNashville is known for making the greatest Country out there, but Yung Chief is proving they have some hip hop to share too. “Getn It In” finds a balance between a nice radio track and a gritty beat you’d hear in the hood. It’s got a great hook that won’t quit. We head more towards a Mystikal feel with “Work.” There’s a chaos found within this one’s confines that will make heads spin, in a good way. In “Bounce It” we’re still in that hectic vibe. It’s clear that Yung Chief likes to create tracks that ensure a hype time out. Just as soon as you think you’ve got a grasp on this guy, he calms it down with “Cali Life.” Being true to the Golden State, this one’s a chill zone. Lastly, “Pissed Off” ends things on a high note with a lot of rage intertwined with energy. It’s a great one that would get a club hopping. If you’re a fan of gritty hip hop from the south, check out Yung Chief today. (

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