Gemini Rick: Versace Vision

Gemini Rick ReviewWhen you get into Gemini Rick’s “Versace Vision” mixtape, you’re in for a good time. “Versace Vision” has a great beat to it and the lyrics are telling you what this guy is about. Then he asks a very important question in “Who Can U Trust.” This one has a very upbeat delivery compared to the last. It has more energy and more potential to grab listeners in an instant. Gemini Rick is full of questions as he then gets into “How Can You Judge Me.” Then he rebels and gives us “I Do What I Wanna.” This one starts out wish what sounds like heavy breathing and then the breath is caught and the song comes through and is sick. This one is definitely on top of the must-listen list. Finally, “There She Go” comes through as smooth as could be. It has a very Drake, Cash Money feel. If you like your hip hop fine tuned, check out Gemini Rick’s mixtape “Versace Vision” out now. (

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