TheWorldInKaos Gets Chaotic

TheWorldInKaos ReviewTheWorldInKaos is an emcee who has a lot of backbone. “Can’t Tell” is a song for young people because it’s really how that mentality is. It doesn’t matter what someone says, you can’t tell them anything. It’s a great theme for a young demographic. With “Too Far” he goes the distance with a sick delivery style. That continues with “Still.” Then the beat and tone changes with “Yeah2.” The intro has this R&B feel but TheWorldInKaos is still hitting you with the rhymes, only they’re a less aggressive than the previous tracks. It’s a nice break, but you can’t but love that attitude he gives and that’s why it’s good to end with “I Gaurantee” for that. If you like hip hop that comes at you as hard as the streets, check out TheWorldInKaos now. (

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