phokus reviewPhokus might sound hard as nails, but he’s a good guy and an even better emcee. Well, when it comes to Phokus’ newest – “Oh Well” has this old school feel to it with the soulful element heard throughout that adds a sense of maturity to the song. Then you have “Smiling Faces” which he claims is for all the emcees out there. It comes through like a hardcore freestyle and raw. A few years ago he released some other must-listens like the catchy “Back at It Again” and the smooth city ways of “Time to Let You Know.” That one sounds like a night out in the Big Apple but mixed with the hip hop feel of the streets. So uptown meets downtown. His oldest track you’ll find is the positive message of “Keep Shinin.” That one is just an upbeat lesson in life set to song. So if you like hip hop that has good vibes but still keeps it hustling, check out Phokus. (

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