A Fresh Step with Samattick

Samattick ReviewSamattick is a fresh emcee that’s all about keeping it cool. N.i. hops on “Dear Diary” and both bring it with the swag and even a Bob Barker shout out. Only they could make that dude sound street. One perfect for this time of year is rightfully titled “Summertime.” It sounds like something you’d hear with Brooklyn summer days as the backdrop; hydrants getting turnt up. “FML” is a song all of us can connect to because we’ve all been there saying that statement at one point in our lives. What I liked about “Ciggs and Vapors” was that it was a bit quirky like Childish Gambino. Then he gets that street mentality back with “Gangsta.” We’ll end where we started with one from Samattick and N.i. “What You Know.” It’s hype and comes for you from the second you hit play. So watch out and check out Samattick if you’re into the new school of hip hop coming out. (https://soundcloud.com/Beast2893)

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