Canary Kaine Comes on Smooth

canary kaine reviewCanary Kaine is one smooth operator. “Street Love” has a cool laid back feel to it and has a great hook in it. The verses are laid out a little faster than the chorus, but it adds a dynamic. “Her Addiction” is like an R&B track with some swag attached. Then you have “Let Her See It” which is another slow hip hop track – more sensual than anything. Plus, the video really adds a stimulating visual to the lyrics. Things pick up a bit once ladies are the subject matter with “King Shit.” Then we get back to sexy with “Fire.” A good one to wrap things up with Canary Kaine is “Ladies Night.” It seems like that’s the case with this guys life seven days a week. So can we assume this is his anthem? While we say yes to that, you should check out Canary Kaine if you’re into hip hop that’s chilled with a side of seduction. (

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