C-Blaque ReviewC-Blaque’s an emcee who gets to the point fast. “Made To Sin” starts off right away with a pop. The energy is fresh and there is never a dull moment with it. With “It Ain’t Workin” you get this hype track that guys will love as their breakup anthem. He gets some help from Young Rocc on “Nothing Bout Me” and together those two produce a track that is unstoppable. If you thought C-Blaque was a force alone, add someone else and the possibilities are endless. One that was really good was “Chase Galloway.” It wasn’t quirky like Childish Gambino, but it had that anger behind it. We’ll cap this off with “Pop A Molly.” This one will make you blush if you’re not open about certain things, but if you’re down for whatever you’ll have fun singing along to this easy to read one. If you’re a fan of youthful hip hop with a backbone, check out C-Blaque’s music today. (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBSmPcIC9mtD0aDXxcYNm5Q/videos)

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