Chipz Vuitton’s Southern Charm

Chipz Vuitton ReviewChipz Vuitton shows off his southern ways with his feel good music. “Shake Dat Ass For Me” definitely has the southern charm. Even when he’s telling you to shake it, it comes across great. It’s a hype track that will get you moving for sure. Then you have “She Gone Make It.” This one slows it down, and showcases a more demure side of Chipz Vuitton. Then we round it out with “Emotional.” This one has the best beat of the three and has this little hook that will get stuck in the heads of anyone who listens. Like the previous, this one isn’t as abrasive as the first but it’s still a good time. If you’re into that hip hop that’s designed to make listeners move in the club, check out Chipz Vuitton now. (

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