Don’t Cash in these Coinz

Coinz ReviewWhen it comes to keeping it real Coinz does it right. “The Vow” is a promise to himself to keep on keeping on no matter what happens. This past year one of the most said phrases has been “Let It Go” thanks to Disney’s powerhouse hit “Frozen.” Well thankfully Coinz song by the same name is not a version of that – because all these months later, I for one am over that princess track. So his version was welcomed with wide arms. J. Floyd steps in to take “I’m On It” to the next level. It’s a chilled track that does a great job at doing the job just right. Then things pick up a little with “Got a Problem.” Then you have a song of celebration on making it to where they are in life, “Bottles” featuring King Cashes. It’s one of those feel good tracks that make you have a sense of pride if you can relate. If you like your hip hop with a sense of humanity then check out Coinz today. (

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