Motivation ReviewMotivation knows what he’s doing as he takes the serious side of hip hop to the forefront. “Fame X Nobody” has a captivating hook to it right off the bat. It’s mesmerizing as the rest of the track like the lyrics have an edge to them. It’s a good balance of nice and spice. In “Trenches” he’s serving up some Kanye-like realness with the seriousness of how he delivers the lyrics. It’s more like a monologue than a song. Speaking of talking, “No Talking” as a great, quick intro that brings some drama to the table but then what he serves after is a track that relies heavily on a kickback hook. Last up, “Killed It” is a nice cap for our time with Motivation as it gives us him as an artist. There’s no hooks or gimmicks – just a man and his rhyme. If you’re into acts like Kanye and Nas, check out Motivation today. (

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