Explore the World of Hip Hop with Zoe Savage

Zoe Savage ReviewZoe Savage is a Haitian rapper who puts his heritage into his rhymes time after time. “Boz Mwen” has a great beat, but it is hard to understand when it starts as he and J.D. High seem to be standing on top of one another. Once things get started though, it’s much more audible and a great track – it’s just that intro that causes some confusion. WIth “What You Think About Me,” things come out of the gate strong. It has this drama to it that makes it sound like it could be in a hip hop production on Broadway. Then it kicks in and it isn’t in English, but it still packs a punch for those who don’t speak the language. With “High I Be,” it’s clear that those into the herbal refreshments will have a great time with this one as they’re always looking for new anthems for their smoking times. Lastly, “It’s Party Time” doesn’t disappoint. It lives up to the title and really gives you a lot of non-stop energy throughout. If you’re a fan of hip hop with a touch of world flare, check out Zoe Savage now. (https://soundcloud.com/zoesavage17)

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