Emaximus ReviewEmaximus’ “Ripper” isn’t a LP, but it’s overflowing with skills. “Ripper” is a good representation of the album as a whole, and it’s not wonder why it’s the title track. With “Freeze Frame” you have a lighter feel than the last and it has more of a mainstream feel to it. Intimidation and confidence is what comes through as well as pure goodness with “So Amazing.” The same goes for “They Don’t Really Know Me,” but this one comes with a stronger hook for listeners. Don’t forget to get introduced to the man behind the rhymes with “It’s Emaximus.” All in all this EP is a strong hip hop record that plays well with those who like artists who rely on forceful beats and rhymes. Make sure to make time for Emaximus’ “Ripper,” out now. (https://www.vodrecordings.net/emaximus.html)

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