West Coaster Jay Stubbs

Jay Stubbs ReviewThe West Coast is still churns out great emcees like Jay Stubbs. “Waitin For You” tells a really great narrative and you can really hear the storyteller in him. With “Coke and a Smile” you get a song that’s a little lighter at the start, but it still has that sense of reality and you can tell this is a West Coast boy from the first line. Jay Stubbs switches it up just a bit and tosses in an old school R&B feel with “She Loves Me,” while “My Type Of Party” brings you back to the very intense hip hop realm that Jay Stubbs likes to create. We end things with a great one that samples not only a classic but Maury, “I Need Money $$$” really does it up and takes the cake when it comes to this rappers jams. If you artists like Kid Cudi and Big Sean, check out Jay Stubbs now. (https://www.jango.com/music/Jay+Stubbs?l=0)

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