Domi Dow Jones Plays It Too Cool

domi-dow-jones-reviewDomi Dow Jones is a rapper who keeps it cool. “Southerplayalistic” sounds like something out of the hood version of “Mary Poppins” on the surface, but inside you won’t find anything that’s as much of a tongue twister as one would’ve assumed. Ironically it’s pretty easy to keep all your attention turned to “ADHD.” It starts out slow and continues on that swag path. Dark-Keys joins Domi on “Thank God” and those two together create a great song that has this cutesy start that’s like a chipmunk, and all in all it’s one of those songs you can put on repeat for a week straight and never get bored with. Up until now it’s been pretty calm, but then “Merry Go Round” turns things up and proves Domi can get hype. If you’re into hip hop that’s radio ready and into artists like T.I., check out Domi Dow Jones roday! (

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