Gladiator Muzick Blends and Mixes Well

Gladiator-Muzick-reviewGladiator Muzick is a music man from Wichita, Kansas who blends the worlds of hip hop and RB flawlessly. “Never Judge” preaches the one of the biggest lessons we’ve all heard growing up. It’s a positive message set to a sick track. Speaking of sick, “Mr. DJ” offers up something that’s got a cool flow and the hook doesn’t quit. That’s really what makes this song stand up tall. The feel of that song plays well into “Loose Leaf” as that soulful; old school R&B guides this track as well. You better make sure not to forget “I Remember” because it shows the softer side of Gladiator Muzick and what he can do. You don’t get much in the lyric department but it plays like a chill time; like you’re in the club moving to it but not too much or too little, just right. If you’re into rappers who can go toe to toe with the best out there and put up a fight, you’ll want to be on Gladiator Muzick’s side. (

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