Chocolate Boy Entertainment Serves Up the Goods

chocolate-boy-entertainment-interviewChocolate Boy Entertainment is a group of emcees who embody that old school hip hop feel while still keeping it modern thanks to producer SL 500. He works hard to bring the best out of artists and it shows. “Flyin High” is definitely a party song. It has all the pieces that make up the perfect get-together, it’s just put to a hefty beat. With “Stage Fright” you get an almost video game like sounds throughout as the lyricists lay their game over. When in doubt these guys remind you to keep on going with “Never Give Up.” It’s a little intimidating, but then you can see it like the drill sergeant of music – it’s scary, but it’s making you go, go, go. Like with most things in life, “It Ain’t Fair.” This one has some R&B undertones and is one of the best from Chocolate Boy Entertainment. If you’re looking for an assortment of rappers to enjoy, look no further than Chocolate Boy Entertainment. (

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