DDMS Fuses The Best of Both Worlds

DDMS Fuses The Best of Both WorldsDDMS is a rapper who definitely knows how to combine the best of pop and rap and make it work. “So Turnt Up” featuring Cata is a rap song that is super energetic, so much so you’d think it got a hold of Honey Boo Boo’s “go go juice.” DDMS incorporates Miley Cyrus’ like “so turnt up here” from her hit single “We Can’t Stop” on a loop throughout and even talks about doing lines in the bathroom like Cryus’ song and then uses her Molly line and then uses the loop once again. It’s an interesting blend of his and hers. Miley is nowhere to be found as Ashley Harris joins DDMS on “Coolin Off.” Again, it’s a hip hop song that’s cranked up and given a club makeover. Hats off to Harris for her contribution in this one, it gave the song a pop edge. If you’re into music that’s all about having a good time while out at the club, then DDMS is your new favorite person. (