Aaron Elite Showcases What His Name Is All About

Aaron Elite Showcases What His Name Is All AboutNewark, New Jersey never sounded so cool. Thanks to Aaron Elite for that. His blunt approach to hip hop is welcomed thanks to the way he sticks to every moment in his music, sticks hard. “E.M.P. (Early Morning Party)” is a song that party goers are obviously going to gravitate towards. It’s about not caring and just going along with whatever the night has in store. It’s not all about the parties though. You have to be there for your family too and Elite tells it like it is in “Do It For the Fam.” With some help from a wonderful sounding female voice, Elite raising the bar with “No Turning Back.” The intro of “I’m Confused” is only familiar to me because of “Sister Sister 2” but I appreciated it nevertheless. Elite also borrows the start of “Spend Time” from “Big Spender.” He appreciates music that came before him, so much so he pays respect by bringing to a new generation by incorporating it in his music. If you’re into acts like Tyga and Childish Gambino, check out Aaron Elite. (