SavP2R Puts His Peeves Out There

SavP2R Puts His Peeves Out ThereSavP2R is a MC who has a lot of pet peeves and instead of keeping all that bothers inside, he puts them to song. If SavP2R may not be clear as to what “Impatient” sounds like, but it’s clear this is straight up street hip hop. It’s gritty, hard and honest to the core. If you’re easily offended, then “Verbal Vomit” isn’t the route to take but if you’re into music that goes there, check that song out. It’s a wild one. SavP2R definitely has a common theme in his music, first “Impatient” and now “Can’t Wait.” If you share that sentiment, then you can adopt either or both as your theme song. “Can’t Wait” is the lighter of the two, just keep that in mind. Then there’s the one that’s universal, hating on people who ask you to repeat what you just said. Don’t you just hate that? SavP2R does and decided to write about it in “Listen Close.” Except he paints the picture with very colorful language. The production value of SavP2R is key, and it’s impressive coming from an indie artist, especially when it comes to “Savage I’m Fly.” If you’re into young MCs with a lot to say, check out SavP2R. (