D.B. The Don’s West Coast Party

D.B. The Don shouts out the west coast in one of his songs, so we’ll assume that’s where he calls home, or at least represents in his music. He’s rapper who touches on all the fundamentals usually found in the hip hop realm; money, girls, sports and the idea of being a gangter. He tries to put his spin on it though by adding a colorful cascade of friends to his music to give it that extra push. Young KS lent a helping hand in “Dat Do Errr-Thang…!!!” Usually when listening to any sort of rap, I think it has to be fast, that wasn’t the case with this one. It was slow one about lady parts and the favorite pastime of 420 enthusiats. Most rappers like to shout out Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and even Lebron James. That’s not the case with D.B. The Don and Joe Young. Could we take their song “Dennis Rodman…!!!” as a sign that they do things a little different? Choosing one of the (insane) greats of the courts was a bold move that proved to pay off. Of course there was money to be had, or at least talked about in the hustling and bustling of “Bring My Doe…!!!” which Don did on his own. He hooked back up with a fellow MC on “We Poppin…!!!” featuring Zigg Zag, who looks a little like Snoop Dogg. This was the one I felt people could have the most fun with for it was upbeat and really gave its all. If you’re a fan of hip hop that’s right on track then check out D.B. The Don now. (https://www.youtube.com/user/dbriskybizent/videos)

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