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Dallas, TX – Dallas Rapper JaFeezie is here with his debut CD release, “Hustle or Die” on his homegrown JMK Music Group entertainment label.

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“Everybody’s life has love, hate and pain in it,” Jafeezie said. “Making music is my way of dealing with it, growing from it, and moving on.”

Born in Kingston, New York, JaFeezie’s life was changed forever when his parents divorced and he moved to Dallas, Texas with his Father at the young age of 2. But that was the first of many moves, as JaFeezie quickly found himself going from Texas, then to Kansas to live with an Aunt, then back to Texas again.

As a result of his turbulent youth, JaFeezie says this made him turn away from his peers and from his parents to where he found his true talent: rapping.

Jafeezie, was introduced to the piano, at 8, and from that point forward music became his soul inspiration. “I basically taught myself how to play and began to put words to the music of the piano,” JaFeezie said. “By 10 I became familiar with rap music with the sounds of Kool Moe Dee, Run-DMC, LL Cool J and others we all became to love. This was around the same time that movies like Krush Grove gave spark to the break dancing era.”

By age 11 JaFeezie started writing his thoughts on paper. “I would always be in trouble with the teachers at school, and in trouble with my Dad because I would never do any of my homework. I would just write poems in the spiral notebook that I had. I didn’t realize I was writing them in the form of rap.”

A year later JaFeezie found himself in Topeka, Kansas staying with his Aunt after his relationship with his Dad soured. While attending school in Topeka he would ‘rap battle’ anyone who thought they had the skills to beat him. “I would out rap anyone hands down. Until one day I met this kid by the name of Dewey Washington (evilloc). We battled day after day at school until we finally decided to start the first ever rap group in Topeka called Def Style.”

Performing all over Topeka for a 2 year period, the duo’s unique sound and style captured people’s attention. “I got my first real taste of success, but looking back on it I wasn’t able to totally capitalize on my talents right away, because I was still very young.”

At one point his musical dreams took a detour when he returned to Texas again and gave up on rapping for several years. Reborn out of years of constant hardship, Jafeezie re-launched his rap career and has been going strong every since. Unleashing a sound that listeners immediately recognized as a mix of East and West coast styles and a bit of the Old South as well. Listeners can feel his personality through his music, like old school rap, with originality in both the lyrics and use of sound.

“I’ve been back in the game strong, brushing up on my skills, studying the rap game, the business side of the game and the artist side of the game,” says JaFeezie. Taking notes from successful artists such as Master P, Sean Combs and Jay-z was all the inspiration it took to start his own record label. Now with his first ever national album the world has yet to feel the wrath of JaFeezie.

“Let my story send a positive message to the youngsters growing up under me: Never stop your dreams. Keep pursuing them as long as you live,” JaFeezie said.

About Jafeezie

The artist (real name Jason Kemp), was born in Kingston, New York and now resides in Dallas, Texas. He is all about expressing life and its lessons through his music, in positive ways.

About “Hustle or Die”

Sample tracks can be heard at The CD is available through the web site for $8.99 and MP3s for $6.99. In addition, the CD is available online at,, apple itunes and is distributed through Super D Distribution. For a limited time the CD has been discounted before it becomes available in retail outlets starting in August.

Jafeezie is available for interviews by e-mailing [email protected] or calling JMK Music Group at (469) 765-5107.