Discover The Rap Music That Will Change Hip Hop

Discover The Rap Music That Will Change Hip Hop

Tired of the same rap music with a different name? Is the monotony of material glorification turning you away from hip-hop? Welcome back to the roots of hip-hop, where lyrics and content are key components to each song. Cipher, Paradox and Dakoda are sure to reconnect you back to the essence of music with their debut called, The Rebirth: Resurrection of Da Game.

Cipher began creating hip-hop music as recreation, recording with friends, and experimenting in the studio. After recording a few songs, they began to sharpen their skills and formed “Clique Tyte.” “Clique Tyte,” consisted of seven members, but it was a short lived venture due to jail time and lack of communication.

Paradox and Dakoda remained to form “Cipher” and Fat Baby Entertainment. This new label goal is an effort to resurrect da game back to its roots of struggle, pain, mental elevation, and self worth. Cipher intends to disregard the bling era with its materially driven fads. “85% of hip-hop is party, Cipher will bring back the essence. “You gotta be able to party and cry, Cipher is what hip-hop is supposed to be,” says Dakoda.

Cipher’s music is influenced by various genres from classical to rock. Music greats like Run DMC, 2pac, Marvin Gay, Jimmy Hendrix, Rakim, Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire etc… gives you an idea. “Music always has been a part of my life, I studied those before me and now I rise,” says Dakoda.

Cipher’s uniquely diverse style is a combination of observing various cultures and street life with a struggling and hustling mentality. “Sacrifice is what makes a man great, accept reality today, but change it tomorrow, knowledge is power,” says Paradox.

Paradox and Dakoda manage to stay free from jail while taking full control of their musical careers. Cipher plans to change the industry one verse at a time. There is more information about Cipher at:

The resurrection of da game will prove to be the second coming of hip hop and the South’s last sons, Paradox and Dakoda, are leading the charge. Hip hop and its listeners will witness a new day, the day of Cipher the complete cycle.

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