What’s krakkin Locorado and the world tunin in. This is Mr. D-A-W-G of the BIG DENVER, COLORADO based independent record label Individual Kings Productions! It’s been a while since we’ve touched base but we didn’t go anywhere. In case you missed it, “THE S.P.I.C.S./MENTAL ADVISORY” album was voted “WESTWORD’S BEST LATIN HIP-HOP CD IN COLORADO 2005” earlier this year in the publications “BEST OF” edition. For sure a stepping stone in the history of the company and also for the artists doing the damn thang in the Rocky Mountain city.

So what’s next? Well due to some setbacks we have reconstructed. The Individual Kings consists of Cryme Dawg, Sik Sence, J-W, Shorty, Sweed, DmentD, and myself, Mr. D-A-W-G. Last August 2005 we invested in ‘THE EPICENTER’, the new recording studio of the Kings. Since, we have finished 2 more of our long anticipated full length LP’s. THAT’S RIGHT, 2 LP’s. In the summer of 2000 we released our first full length CD ‘I2K/INDIVIDUAL KINGS KOMPILATION VOLUME 1’. For the ones that know it, the wait is over. ‘I2K/INDIVIDUAL KINGS KOMPILATION VOLUME 2’ is complete. Once again, over the bangin beats produced by Mr. myself, comes the gutter yet intelligent flowmasters of the Individual Kings Familia. Because the name ‘KOMPILATION’ usually consists of numerous artists from different areas and different labels, people can wonder why it’s called ‘KOMPILATION’. Well it’s still in the name! ‘INDIVIDUAL KINGS KOMPILATION’, features the talented, hard working skills of the artists that have paid their dues to make this ‘Individual Kingdom’ the best it can be! From the first trak, ‘CROWN JEWELLZ’ breaks it off with a beginning that sets the impact and will give the listener something to look forward to in the following fourteen tracks. Then there is the solo tracks in numbers 4,5, and 6. First with ‘FULLY LOADED’, some hype gangsta shit that you never heard from a female before layed down by Shorty. Then you got ‘DEAD ENDZ’, by Sik Sence. A story about rise and fall due to the struggles of money with some bangin bounce for the trunk behind it. Then you got ‘WORDZ 4 THOUGHT’, an appetite for real flow layed down by Cryme Dawg with some crunk composition rattlin the eardrum. Then there is a section of the disk that reaches a point of comedy. With ‘THE SMOKE SESSION’ it’s time to light it up and check the creative yet str8 stoner mentality behind an old school kind of knock in the muzik. ‘THERE’S SOMETHIN IN THE WATER’ (down in Pueblo….), is a tale about the contamination of the mental female that resides in the ‘719’. You’ll have to hear the song to find out the rest of the story. Then ‘SHE SO DIRTY’, which the definition is in the song. ‘I2K’ also gives some variety never heard before by the Kings in ‘TROUBLE STAYS WITH ME’, which gives a techno kind of frontline beat, but the lyriks are from another world. Then the gig jamz like ‘NEVERENDING PARTY’ layed down by Sik Sence, Cryme Dawg, & myself, ‘STEPPED IN THE CLUB’ featuring J-W and Cryme Dawg, and ‘BIOTCH’ which is a long awaited track about the bitch side of the female gender also done by Sik Sence, Cryme Dawg and myself. But we can’t forget about the real flow shit contained in ‘UNLEASHED’, featuring Cryme Dawg and DmentD, ‘PURO CHICANO’ which is the new voice provided for the Locorado gente done by Sik Sence, Cryme Dawg, and DmentD. Last but not least, ‘THIS AIN’T THE END’ which is the last track on the CD where we all leave a gangsta taste in your mouth and keep you fiendin for more letting you know that “THIS AIN’T THE END”!!!

So now you’re wanting more. Don’t trip, because there is more where that comes from! My first album is also complete. ‘Mr. D-A-W-G/THE TRAILZ OF WHAT I SEE’ drops at the same time as the ‘I2K’ disk with the same kind of ‘G’ mentality background. Fourteen tracks from the vault that has been overdue but not 1 day is missed when you hear what’s krakkin. ‘WHERE MY DAWG’Z AT’ breaks off the CD with a definition of what it really means to be a “DAWG”. Then ‘NOCTURNAL PLAYGROUND’, the gangsta giggin song that reaches every hood and everyone that’s been there and done that. The CD contains a very flavorful list of “get drunk and high and when we’re done with that we can fukk” kind of lineup in ‘EYE CANNOT THINK STR8’, ‘THE KNACK’, ‘LIKE THAT’, ‘EYE DON’T WANNA’, & ‘EYE JUST WANT U 2 KNOW’. Then we have ‘LET ME IN’, half rap, half rock with Nick Vigil layin down the sik vocalz and Dave Stratten, from Code 6 Studio once again laying down the guitar solo. The one I think is the favorite amongst the first listeners would have 2 b ‘HOW DO EYE KNOW’, almost a documentary about the real life relationship factors. Then the get serious tracks begin. ‘4 THE MONEY’ is all about the chedda, cheese, skratch, fedia and how the shit never leaves the mind. The title track ‘THE TRAILZ OF WHAT I SEE’ is remixed from the old school. Mr. D-A-W-G’z old school. The 1996 version is simply outmatched by the 2006. Being a whole new song it still is my street story told in 3 verses with a beat you will remember. ‘WHY IT WAS’ is str8 brilliant for the gangsta mafukkaz! ‘DIFFERENT KATEGORIES’ was said by J-W “to be the 2006 ‘Dedicated”, for those that know. And then ‘WHAT CARRIEZ ME’, originally an ‘I2K’ track, written “for myself to remind myself why I do the things I do, EVERY MUTHA-FUKKIN DAY OF MY LIFE”. With that said I can honestly say that everything I’ve just told u about these CD’z will not even make a dent to the comparison of hearing them 4 yourself. August 2006!!!!!!! www.cdbaby.com/all/individualkings www.cafepress.com/gangstagear

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