CBC, 25 and The Family

CBC, 25, and the Family are a pure fusion group. Touching on everything from hip-hop to metal, jazz to folk, and blues to soft rock. The groups fan base is steadily growing due to the bands persistent nature. They are currently involved with several contests nationwide. You can visit their Myspace page at There you can listen to 11 songs and experience 5 different genre changes on the same page. CBC is Chris Holder-(guitars/bass/live drums/vocals/ raps and song production) 25 is Yusef Smith- (mixing/mastering/recording/raps keyboards/digital drums and song production) Currently, the Family members are: J-Cubed (backup female vocals) Miss November (female vocals on “Your Kind”) RAW of E.V.S. (raps on “Your Kind”) After realizing how hard it is to find good open-minded talent to make music with- CBC and 25 decided to acquire new musical skills over the last two years. CBC (a guitarist) decided to pick up on bass, live percussion, vocals and raps. 25 (a sound engineer) decided he would learn to play keyboards, rap, and compose digital beats. “Tickle your earbuds and check out CBC, 25, and the Family at You wont be disappointed!!”