Coldhearted Station and His Beats

Coldhearted Station and His BeatsColdhearted Station is an MC who can create a world of sound while rapping about it as well. “Hit Em Up” does what it sets out to do, create as good song that has good rhymes and a beat that can get stuck in someone’s head in an instant. “Mi Vida Loca” wasn’t in Spanish, just that one line and some random other sayings here and there. I would’ve loved to hear the whole thing in Spanish. “Living Life” mentions a lot of Gucci and flows well. The same goes with “Successful Rolld & Smokd,” minus the Gucci. This one has a more serious tone created by the beat though. “Eternal Dreams” lightens the mood again and caps off Cold Hearted Station’s sound nicely. It’s just a track with no rap, but we can’t wait to hear what he lays on top of that. If you’re into beat makers and hip hop MCs who can transform you into a hip shaker, check out Coldhearted Station. (