Musical Alliance and Their Tag Team Approach

Musical Alliance and Their Tag Team ApproachMusical Alliance is the formation of two talented individuals who each bring something to the table. One handles the R&B flare and the other sets the plats full of delicious hip hop, but sometimes they switch it up. This husband and wife team knows how to split the work load. “I’m Goin’ In” is a R&B song infused with a hip hop beat that lets the female half of Musical Alliance shine. “All Week” starts with this masculine monologue and you feel captivated by his deep baritone and then things start up and he brings this rapid fire presentation about thinking about his girl…all week. “Runaway” brings the R&B in the form of the music this time. This time the tables are turned in this song that deals with some pretty heavy topics like being assaulted as a kid. Musical Alliance is only two people but their talent could be split into at least four people. If you’re into music that’s a fusion of R&B and hip hop, check out Musical Alliance. (