Champ_Ace Has What It Takes

champ-ace-reviewChamp_Ace is a MC from North Carolina who has the tools to go the distance. “Everyday” is a great piece produced by Trent Taylor. It’s one of those songs that follows a steady path and welcomes you on the walk through. It’s a story and Champ_Ace is a true storyteller. 2 Deep produced “A Dream.” It’s a bit more to take in compared to “Everyday.” It’s harder than that one and ups the energy a bit. “Younger Days” incorporates this omnipresent voice that sounds like the bad guy in a superhero movie, but he doesn’t steal the scene from Champ_Ace at all. Trent Taylor is back producing “So Brillint The Circle.” Whenever Champ_Ace teams up with Taylor, magic happens. While this isn’t like their other track together, it’s actually the total opposite and great. Champ_Ace should work more with that producer — cut a whole record together. Champ_Ace is a great rapper who, if he continues to work with great team members, will go far. (

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