JoeCattt-reviewJoeCattt can’t even legally buy a drink yet, but he sounds like he’s been at the hip hop game for years with his Texas style that goes hard. “Auditory Hallucinations” starts off sounding like a beat a DJ drops and then JoeCattt comes in and it’s like a more street version of Pitbull — think of that guy minute the incessant pop fixture and just straight up hip hop. “Sellin’ Out” has a helicopter start, but never fear because it’s not loud enough to make you duck and cover. This one’s a little more about who JoeCattt is and what he’s all about. I guess every rapper has to have at least one of these declaration tracks. If you’re looking for a song that’ll never go out, check out “Candles.” This one might be the most radio friendly. The music really sounds on point in this one. “Dress Down” was on a totally different page. Just when you thought JoeCattt was all about the hip hop, in comes this R&B flavor; diversity. Then it’s back to what you’ve come to expect with “911.” If you’re into MCs who can occasionally let down their guard to croon, check out JoeCattt. (

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