Cali Life with CBKronic

CBKronic ReviewAt only 21-years-old CBKronic has developed a sound that would fit well on stage with Wiz Khalifa. “Little City” gives off this relaxed delivery with little bursts of energy. They mention the west coast and even before hearing that, you know that’s where CBKronic hails from due to the laid back vibes. With “The Right Mood” we pick things up and take it to the beach for a track that sounds like it’d be perfect for a day on the sand. It has this ‘90s party vibe where it’s not over the top but just right. The Kidd hops on “BucketList” and together with CBKronic they create this atmosphere that makes you want to get lost in. That continues on with “Cruise Control.” Except here a sense of sensuality is played up. Tha Kidd is back with CBKronic on “LadyBuggz.” They prove again to be a perfect combination. When we started out with CBKronic, we were introduced to this California chilled music, but over the course of a handful of tracks we’ve headed towards hip hop that has more of this groove to it. From the relaxed to the refined, that’s what you get with a trip down CBKronic lane. (

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