Win Big with Jackpotprince

Jackpotprince ReviewJackpotprince takes risks and comes out on top. “All Night” is a track that you’d hear at your local party. It has this youthful, yet aggressive sound that you would hear on a mixtape alongside the likes of Tyga. In “#like” Jackpotprinceworks well with the beat in the intro and offers up a track that could take you from the house party to the club. With “The Truth” listeners are welcomed by an intriguing intro and then tossed into a whirlwind as the lyrics come through. Last up, “Drill” has this feel that makes you think it’d be on an episode of “Empire” on Fox. When it comes to new emcees coming up, Jackpotprince is one to watch because he’s got sick beats as well as a go-get-em attitude to his rhymes. (