Ziggy B is part of the Bum Squad and what he brings is a mixture of chills and risks. “Wraith” has this conversational aspect to it. The flow isn’t one you’d hear in the club, or even at a party but rather on a mixtape as a hidden gem. We’ve uncovered it early in the game. Now moving onto “Friday” Ziggy brings Fat Ray and Travy onboard and together the three bring this chilled track to life. Fat Ray is back with him on “Use.” This one builds up some suspense at the start and it’s here that we hear for the first time something I would consider ready for the radio. Last up, “Sanctuary” with R-Jizzle let’s us end on a high note. That suspense from the last continues on here and we’re welcomed into a world that has a bit of a nightmarish feel. I take it back, this is the radio hit of the one. It has the most life to it. If you’re into hip hop that takes risks at times but can be chill the rest of the time, check out Ziggy B today. (https://soundcloud.com/bumsquad)

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