Black Out: Throughell4wealth

Blackout ReviewBlack Out’s “Throughell4wealth” is a healthy dose of rap, rap and more rap. “Sanctuary” starts out in an eerie way with a childlike intro but as soon as Black Out comes in, all that is pushed aside and his audacity takes over. It takes a second for “You Playing” to get underway but it’s worth the wait. It doesn’t go hard, but it has this very easygoing pace that has a chilled feel to it but it keeps the swag high. Smacks hops on for a double dose of hits on “All This Hell” and “Never Stop.” Things take an aggressive turn with “My Future” but it’s welcomed. It showcases that this is an artist who doesn’t mess around and won’t be pushed around. We close out with a great start on “The End.” That feminine touch at the start is way better than where this mixtape started with that horror movie like children chorus. “The End” is the perfect well, end to the record. If you like artists like Kendrick Lamar, check out Black Out’s “Throughell4wealth,” out now. (

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