Big Pure ReviewBig Pure’s “Respect The Plug” comes at you like a delicious, balanced meal. Opening up with “Sandlot Gang,” Big comes out swinging and it’s a homerun. The hook is sick and continues to live on long after the song is done. It’s one of those songs you could hear as a theme or on a commercial for a brand. It’s got staying power. In “We Waxx” we slow it down and it’s a whole different story coming through. It’s more a story than a catchy mixtape creation. Moving onto “FMJ!” the energy level is brought back up and Big gets a little fierce with the delivery, but what remains is what we heard from the start, that hook. It’s a back and forth dance as we then lighten up with “Diamond Girl” and here I want to shout out the sweet music in the background. Over everything, that’s the star of this track. Closing out this record is “Maybe(M)” and it does so with some R&B notes and a lot of heart as things smooth over. For an album that has good variety of styles, look no further than Big Pure’s “Respect The Plug,” out now. (

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