AML a Mystery but We Solved It

AML a Mystery but We Solved ItAML are a trio that is likely the reasoning behind the three letters that make up their name. I wish I could tell you more about them, but they are a mystery to me. Well, their personal lives like where they hail from and where they call home, but what we do know is their music. Their sound fuses together the best of Hip Hop and the smooth ways of R&B to create a sound that is undeniable. You get what AML is all about with “Get Up.” It’s there that you hear that fusion, but you get more of where they are coming from when you fast forward to songs like “Weed and Liquor” and “Party People.” Although the vibe of “Weed and Liquor” was more celebratory than the other, both tracks will likely attract people who are carefree, and like to let loose and have a good time. It sounds like a youthful song, and that is the kind of audience you can imagine blasting this from their stereos. AML might not offer a lot about who they are, but that is okay because we are able to paint a pretty exact picture with the music they put forth. So if you are into music that is somewhere between rap and R&B and a little carefree, then check out AML. (