Ace Boone Koone Twerks Up A storm

ace-boone-koone-reviewAce Boone Koone’s “Platinum On Everything” is a hip hop record for those who like it to move and groove. “Let’s Ride” and “Da Lyfe” keep it smooth, while the title track makes it hype. The record’s great, but it’s the one off single that’s making waves. “Twerk” is straightforward and to the point. It’s a song about the one trend no one could escape in 2013, twerking. It is more of a command than a dance track. It tells you to do the action that made Miley Cyrus even more of a household name. Even though it’s now 2014, the dance style is still relevant in pop culture thanks to tracks like this. If you like to move in that fast motion and need a soundtrack, check out “Twerk” by Ace Boone Koone. (

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